The 17 Best Things to Do in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio, is a vibrant city that blends culture, history, and innovation, offering a diverse array of activities for everyone. From its renowned art institutions and lush parks to its dynamic culinary scene and lively festivals, Columbus invites you to explore its many treasures. Art & Culture Enthusiasts Columbus Museum of Art The Columbus Museum … Read more

Ohio’s Historical Sites: A Chronicle of Landmarks and Lore

Ohio, the Buckeye State, is not just a midwestern gem but a treasure trove of American history. From ancient earthworks to the homes of pioneering astronauts, Ohio’s historical sites and monuments offer a vibrant tableau of the nation’s past. Ready to time travel? Let’s dive into Ohio’s rich history with an assertive but fun exploration … Read more

Ohio’s Hidden Gems: A Quest for the Unexplored

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The 6 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Akron

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The 8 Best Akron Breweries

Craft breweries are at the peak of their popularity and don’t seem to be slowing down. Almost anywhere you go, you’re sure to find a local brewery whipping up delicious drinks. Akron has had a bustling brewery scene for decades now.  Here are our 8 favorite Akron breweries:  Thirty Dog Thirsty Dog is one of … Read more

The 7 Best Downtown Akron Restaurants

There are countless things to do in downtown Akron. While you’re spending a day in town, make sure you try one of the amazing restaurants downtown has to offer.  Here are our 7 favorite downtown Akron restaurants: Crave Crave is my favorite restaurant in downtown Akron. It even topped our list of the best Akron … Read more

The 13 Best Akron Restaurants

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The 7 Best Pizza Places in Hartville, Ohio

Hartville is a relatively small town. With that, there aren’t a ton of options for local pizza. BUT, there are still some good pizza shops in Hartville! Here are some of our favorites: Kraus’ Pizza If I had to choose just one Hartville pizza spot, I’d go with Kraus’. Kraus’ Pizza has a strong presence … Read more