Northeast Ohio

I was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. I’ve spent my whole life living in the greater Akron area. It’s safe to say I know Northeast Ohio like the back of my hand. Discover all that my home has to offer!

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Cleveland, Ohio

Things to Do in Cleveland, Ohio

The 15 Best Things to Do in Cleveland, Ohio

This guide curates 15 must-visit spots, offering a rich exploration of Cleveland’s offerings.

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Akron, Ohio

Historical Landmarks in Akron

Exploring Akron’s Rich History: A Journey Through Its Historical Landmarks and Museums

In this exploration, we journey through the most significant sites that contribute to the understanding and appreciation of Akron’s rich history.

Best Breakfast in Akron

The 6 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Akron

This guide takes you through the top breakfast spots in Akron, ensuring that your morning meal is not just a routine but an experience to relish.

Best Akron Breweries

The 8 Best Akron Breweries

Almost anywhere you go, you’re sure to find a local brewery whipping up delicious drinks. Akron has had a bustling brewery scene for decades now.

Best Downtown Akron Restaurants

The 7 Best Downtown Akron Restaurants

There are countless things to do in downtown Akron. While you’re spending a day in town, make sure you try one of the amazing restaurants downtown has to offer.

Best Akron Restaurants

The 13 Best Akron Restaurants

When you think of Akron, Ohio you might not think of food. However, there are countless Akron restaurants that will blow you away!

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Hartville, Ohio

Best Pizza Hartville

The 7 Best Pizza Places in Hartville, Ohio

Hartville is a relatively small town. With that, there aren’t a ton of options for local pizza. BUT, there are still some good pizza shops in Hartville!

Things to do in Hartville, Ohio

The 16 Best Things to Do in Hartville, Ohio

On the surface, it might look like there’s much to do. However, there are countless fun things to do in Hartville, Ohio.

Hartville Restaurants

The 11 Best Hartville Restaurants

For such a quaint small town, there are a lot of restaurants in Hartville to choose from.